Peer Review Process

Research in Sport Management and Marketing (RSMM) uses the double-blind review process to review articles. So that the referee does not know the author's identity and vice versa.


Article judging process

The process of judging the article (up to three months)

A- Registering the article and preliminary review (up to one week)

The initial evaluation will be done when the article is submitted by the author. In the initial evaluation, criteria such as the relevance of the article to the topics and objectives of the magazine, appropriate quality in terms of content, and compliance with the format of the magazine are considered. The initial review of articles is done in the following process:

  1. Registration of the author(s) and initial submission of the article by the responsible author on the journal website and completion of the authors' specifications and information (by the responsible author)
  2. All submitted manuscripts are checked for similarity through iThenticate software to ensure their authenticity and originality and then rigorously peer-reviewed by expert reviewers.
  3. Announcing the opinion of the editor of the journal regarding the initial criteria of the article
  4. Sending the article for format changes (if any) to the author


B- Expert arbitration (1 to 2 months)

Articles that are not rejected in the initial review stage, without the names of the authors, are sent to the judges through the following steps:

1- Send the article to three referees with expertise in the article by the editor.

2- Judging the article and sending the comments of the judges and editor's comments to the author


C- Primary decision making

According to the judges' suggestion in the evaluation of the article, the initial decision will be made based on one of the following:

1- If the article is rejected by two of the three appointed referees, the article will be removed from the journal's acceptance process and the author will be informed.

2- If the article is accepted by two referees, the article will be in the final acceptance stage.

3- If a reviewer's opinion is a general revision and the second one rejects the manuscript, the essay will be submitted to the third reviewer, and according to his idea relevant to the first and second item, the decision will be made.

4- If the referees request for general or partial revision of the article, the article will be returned to the authors for revision.

5- If the referees did not evaluate the article at the appointed time or their evaluation was not in line with the improvement of the article, a new referee/s will be appointed and the review process will continue.

6- Submission of the modified version of the article and response to the comments of the judges by the authors (2 weeks)

7- Sending the revised version of the article to the referees and announcing the opinion of the referee (2 weeks)

8- If the article is rejected, the author will be informed, if accepted, it will be published


D- After accepting the article

After acceptance, the article is sent to the page for sorting. After completing the typesetting, the authors will receive the final version of the article, during which confirmation of organizational affiliation and authors' specifications, and approval of the final text of the article is requested. Once the authors have completed this step, the article is processed for publication, and a "cover and issue" is assigned to the article. Then the article is printed online.

The waiting time for article printing depends on the number of accepted articles. However, the articles will be available in the "Articles ready for publication" section of the journal website upon final acceptance. At this stage, a DOI number is assigned to each article. After completing the articles of each volume, all articles in PDF format can be downloaded for free on the magazine's website.