Identifying the Practical Factors of Dealing With the Impact of the Corona Virus on the Attraction of Sports Tourists (Case Study: Equestrian Competitions in Golestan Province)

Document Type : Original Article


Ph.D. Candidate of Sport Management, University of Mohaghegh Ardabili, Ardabil, Iran



Sports tourism, as an income-generating industry, is considered very important in the world. Attracting tourists through equestrian competitions in Corona conditions requires necessary measures along with health protocols. Therefore, this research has been compiled with the aim of identifying the practical factors of dealing with the impact of the corona virus on the attraction of horse racing tourists in Golestan province. The present study is practical in terms of purpose and descriptive and analytical in terms of method. The research methodology is mixed the statistical population was selected from among 30 horse racing experts board, trainers, jockeys, spectators, tourism agencies, restaurant, and hotel managers. The sampling method at this stage was available and targeted. In the quantitative stage, using the identified factors, a questionnaire was prepared and was delivered to the interviewees through Delphi classics, and the four factors of health, economic, technological, smart, social, and infrastructural tourism, government and policymaking, and 69 other components were identified. The questionnaire was given to sports management professors for confirmation. Findings showed; providing health packages to tourists in the equestrian complex, holding equestrian competitions and shows through cyberspace, increasing betting in equestrian competitions, increasing welfare services for domestic tourists in the equestrian complex, interaction of the equestrian complex with travel agencies and the creation of groups to analyze the field of tourism and market analysis in critical situations have a positive and outstanding effect on attracting tourists during Corona period.